Eugene Kulikov is a UK based composer and music producer, who covers many styles of music, from Symphonic Orchestra to Modern Electronic.

A deep knowledge of composition, orchestration and arrangement is reflected in every piece of music that he has composed and produced. His expertise is based on extensive experience working with many orchestras, bands and as a solo artist.

His original music has been used in TV and radio programs, films, theatre shows, commercials and movie trailers. His soundtracks have been licensed by companies such as Fox, NBC, Universal, CBS, Walt Disney, Warner Bros., MTV, VH1, Bravo TV, Discovery Channel and many more.

His soundtrack "Wonderland" is a perfect fit for the new Oscar nominated feature film "The Descendants" starring George Clooney.


Eugene's compositions can be heard in popular TV shows. Among them numerous Emmy winning TV series "The Amazing Race" (CBS), Fox "24", NBC "Heroes", "Bionic Woman", "Monk", "Invasion Iowa" (produced by William Shatner), " Will And Grace", "My Name Is Earl", "Guilty Or Innocent", "Ultimate Goals", "I Want To Be A Hilton", "Law And Order", "The Office", "Oprah's Big Give", "The West Wing" and many others.

He has lectured at The Royal Academy of Music in London. BBC has presented a special program about Eugene and his music.

Eugene has created over a thousand original compositions in different moods and musical styles, and his music library is constantly growing.

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